Introducing Robyn Ru -A product of the recent undertaking of rebranding and the restructure of the previously named ‘Second Time Round’. Now that we have been rolling along stitch after stitch (with who knows how many kilometers of thread sewn into so many garments )….. it’s time to give our precious baby a real name and personality of its’ own. We have dug deep, even travelled back in time and believe you’ll be truly thrilled ………
Imagine something that looks like a vintage children’s encyclopaedia inspired character, circa 1952, called Robyn Ru. Expect all the beautiful, fun and nostalgia conjuring garments you have loved from us for years – patchwork vintage florals, eternally cozy chenille, bright wool coats bound with toggles all reclaimed lovingly and made into unique pieces for little kids and grown-ups alike. Along side Robyn Ru at Canberra Handmade Market you can also expect to find her friends the newly branded – Itty Bitty Bruiser and Soto Poto respectively.